Joystik Revolution About Us

Joystik Revolution About Us

The site has a complicated back story. What started off as a safe place for family and friends to go and get a quick gaming fix. Turned into a place for friends and family to go a get information that they needed related to video games. Since then the site has grown, during that growth we decided to shift our focus to the indie game market. While we often feature content that deals with the wider video game market. When it comes to games and game reviews it will always be indie games.

Why Indie Games?

Like many gamers today we grew up in the days of Sega and Nintendo. I even remember when Atari exited the console market and Sony entered it. (Yes we know that we’re old.) However times have changed and the large video game developers have fallen into a bad habit of releasing the same titles year in and year out. Too make matters worse it’s not enough to buy a game anymore, now you have to buy the additional content to said game as well. Which costs almost as much as the game did when you bought it.

This is where indie games come into the picture. Indie developers aren’t afraid to try something different. Many of them grew up playing classics just like we did. These games are not only fun, they’re also often times innovative, and challenging. These are developers who don’t sacrifice quality for quantity, nor do they have to worry about appeasing their shareholders.

Indie gaming is on the rise they’re on your PC, consoles, tablets, and smart-devices. Chances are you play an indie game and don’t even realize it.

Review Policy

Here at Joystik Revolution we have two rules when it comes to game reviews. The first is that we only review indie games. The second is that games we review will never be given a score numbered or otherwise. Instead we will create a review that is full of information. Some titles we will like, and some we won’t. Just because we didn’t care for a particular game doesn’t mean that others should be dissuaded from playing said game.

Peoples taste vary, it’s because of this that we strive to provide as unbiased as a review as possible. Yes we will mention if we feel a game is over priced, or too short. What we will not do is try to persuade you to our view. Our goal is to provide you with enough information to make your own decision as to rather or not you would be interested in playing said game.


When we review a game it’s not so that we can tell you if a game is good or bad. Only you can decide if you like a particular title or not. To that end we will never score a game that we review. Instead what we will do is provide you with the information that you need to decide if a particular title is of interest to you or not.

That’s All For Now

The gremlins are working tirelessly to provide you with new and fresh content. We hope that you will enjoy the content as much as we enjoy creating it.


The Joystik Revolution Team